Many times a week I receive email inquiries regarding this website.  I will attempt to answer many of the most frequently asked questions here. If you do not see the information that you were hoping to find it was intentional. How did this thing start? Most often, unsuspecting internet travelers unintentionally bump across this most fascinating web space.  Some move on without even a glance, as they should, while others become curious about its origins. was first created in October 2000 at the United States Submarine Base in Groton CT.  Its purpose was to be a bullshit free environment for me to learn and practice HTML unrestricted by the outragious idiocies of commercially operated no-fee web hosts. The website originally functioned as a pre-Facebook type website where pictures and information about my life could be shared.  Facebook has since satisfied my narcististic needs for attention, approval and public shamings. What is it now? I don’t know yet.  I am just trying to figure out this thing myself. Why the name buysam? BySam was taken and BiSam would be misleading. Is your domain name for sell? Yes.  With a $50,000 unrefundable deposit I will atleast contemplate selling the domain name... someday.
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